Dj Que’s in the Trap!

If you’re looking to hear some Trap Music in Vegas, locate DJ QUE.

Expect the unexpected and prepare for the inconceivable, DJ QUE has actually been delivering mind blowing turntablist sets to Las Vegas for over 8 years! Growing up in Las Vegas, QUE has actually had the opportunity to learn from some of the most effective djs in the world performing in a city like no other, and it reveals.

His budding passion in popular music led him to discover all different genres. Mix and matching all these various styles led QUE to become extremely passionate about creating brand-new and impressive remixes. He focused a lot on scratching and bass drops to bring a genuinely distinct sound to his music. It was something that was not listened to considerably when he began spinning over eight years back.

True to the West coat style, DJ QUE brings intense bass drops along with precision in his scratching, developing a truly special sound all his very own. QUE’s performance is an ENERGY loaded dance floor journey.

Because he began doing parties in Vegas, DJ Que promptly made a name for himself and took cues from fellow Vegas DJ’s such as DJ Vice, OB One and many others. By making these hookups, he was able to gain a growing number of direct exposure, ultimately making him among the most acknowledged popular music professionals in the city. As he honed his abilities, club marketers and supporters began to take notice. He had an unparalleled energy when spinning and was more that of a club goer than a DJ. It was this enthusiasm that gradually landed him residencies at a few of the best clubs on The Strip.

As his ability continued to beam, it was clear that DJ Que had a talent for something genuinely unique in the DJ ‘ing world. His performances began to get popular for his live, in-show mash-ups. Most DJ’s take the time to mix their mashups pre-show. DJ Que was one of the initial dj’s to introduce live mashups taking his ability and efficiencies to a whole different degree. He has actually truly stepped up and made some noise in a city that is known to have the best parties in the world.

From House to Top 40, Hip-Hop to Trap Music, there is no genre of new music that is protected from DJ QUE’s needles. A specialist of live program Mash-Ups, he has developed himself as one of Las Vegas’ best dj’s.

You can locate QUE spinnin’ at 1 Oak at the Mirage on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

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